Image of 《我是傻纸》"I'm Stupid Paper" Notebook 03

《我是傻纸》"I'm Stupid Paper" Notebook 03


《我是傻纸》是由 Mohawk 与 Visitors 联合出品的原创设计笔记本,100% 选用了 Mohawk 美国进口的高品质环保纸,打造出一本有故事的笔记本,讲述任性的傻纸们(环保纸)是如何拯救了世界。限量出售 500 本。

"I'm Stupid Paper" is an original collaboration notebook design project by Mohawk and Visitors. By using 100% U.S. imported high quality Mohawk recycle paper, we come out with a design that narrate about how a bunch of "Stupid Paper" (recycle paper) saving the world. Limited to 500 for sale.

1x "I'm Stupid Paper" Notebook 03
1x Poster

Size: 110mm(w) x 145mm(h) x 25mm(t)
Cover: Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Fossil, 298gsmx2
1-20pgs: Mohawk Superfine Smooth Ultrawhite, 148gsm
Blank pgs: Mohawk Options Smooth 100% PC White, 118gsm, 302pages
Poster: Mohawk Options Smooth 100% PC White,104gsm, 280mmx400mm

Within 1.5 weeks: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan & South Korea
Within 4 weeks: Everywhere else

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